Monday, November 01, 2004

Aladdin's lamp and lantern. Posted by Hello

Halloween photos 2004

This is the first Halloween in as long as I can remember where I wasn't booked as a psychic reader. I took advantage of that and turned my porch into Pirate's Cove and here are the photos I took of some of the Halloween excitement. I hope you enjoy them.
Minding pirate's cove. Posted by Hello
Digging in the treasure chest. The little kids dove right in. The older guys were sure it was booby trapped and had to be coerced. Posted by Hello

Cat-o-lantern. Posted by Hello
Jester pirte. Posted by Hello
Witch-o-lantern. Posted by Hello
Pirate brew! Posted by Hello
My neighbor's pirate-o-lantern. Posted by Hello
Queen bee Posted by Hello
bunny girl and escort Posted by Hello
Trick-or-treaters Posted by Hello
ghostly effect Posted by Hello

Me and Black Bob. Posted by Hello